Bringing a military-grade augmented reality technology to market

Flux technology was derived from military Wide Area Persistent Surveillance systems which quickly and accurately fuse large imagery data sets from multiple sources into composite images of large geographic areas.

We worked together with the Flux team to do focused experimentation to solve problems using this next generation augmented reality technology, and move content from archives, libraries, and personal albums to the streets.

The Flux mobile app is the platform that lets people capture and publish moments to the world by accurately situating photos and videos where they are (or were) taken. Tags, comments, and links to turn photos into contextually relevant messages revealed when people visit these locations in Flux.

EQ Works

Simplifying a complex algorithmic ad buying platform

EQ Works is a North American leader in targeted mobile, web, social and video advertising and digital marketing solutions.

They were building a proprietary programmatic media buying platform and worked with Normative to deliver an intuitive, easy to use experience for customers ranging from first time users to customers with years of experience with their legacy system.

We needed to understand the complexity of algorithmic ad buying and where human intervention in the system made sense. We worked together with EQ’s team to design a user interface and messaging that helped customers efficiently purchase and publish ads.


“If you really want to know how things work, study them when they’re coming apart.”

William Gibson

Peak is a ski. It’s also a high performance computing system that combines real-time sensor data collection with the power of mesh networks.

Designed to push the boundaries of what computers and software can become in the connected world, Peak combines computer hardware, software, industrial design, interaction design, sensors and data analysis into a network ready package that’s helping us understand the future of software design.

Hospital for Sick Children

Creating a smarter children’s hospital

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is a dynamic hospital with thousands of employees that needed to rethink their aging and underused intranet.

By understanding the connected community on top of the hospital’s existing infrastructure we were able to reframe the purpose of the intranet from managing knowledge to connecting people.

To help team members get the information they need in a fast paced and high pressure environment Normative designed a new social intranet that efficiently connects people with the real expertise and information in the organization.

Some of the companies we’ve helped

The Toronto Star
Thomson Reuters
Genuine Health
Toronto Public Library
Bank of Montreal
Sirius XM
United Health Group
The Allstate Corporation
Pitney Bowes