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Ideas are not enough

Get your best opportunities to market faster

It’s one thing to come up with a great idea. But until you put it in front of the customer whose problem it’s meant to solve, there's nothing to back it up.

To succeed, you must listen to, learn from and iterate with your customers. You need their validation to overcome internal barriers to innovation and move with the agility of a startup.

Ultimately, it means building products and services that make a meaningful difference to your customers and your business. We call that Evidence-Driven Innovation. It’s what sets us apart - and sets you up for success.

Michael Dila, NSIN
Michael Dila
Platform Director, National Security Innovation Network

The Normative team helped us understand the power of design to engage our target customers, create products based on their needs and deliver a differentiated customer experience

Our Services

Venture Thinking

Structure and rationalize your portfolio of innovation opportunities

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Startup Thinking

Develop and validate your concepts to ensure they meet the market need

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Scaling Thinking

Turn your validated concepts into customer-ready products to capture the market opportunity

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Start generating the evidence you need to achieve product-market fit