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Evidence is the Foundation of Successful Innovation

What drives human innovation? At its core, it's our desire to create new kinds of value, to make things better.

Good Innovation Challenges Norms

Industry leaders stand out by creating products that become part of their customers’ daily lives. The design, aesthetics, and functionality of their products add value to the world. How did they achieve this success?

By thinking differently.

Successful innovators are flexible in their thinking, willing to listen to their market, and adapt their course of action. With the goal of creating value always in view, data and feedback during every phase of a project ensure that companies are able to navigate and course-correct effectively.

We know that evidence is the core of successful innovation and we relentlessly seek it out. Each project requires a unique approach to formulating a testable hypothesis and generating validated evidence. If evidence is guiding the journey, it has to be reliable in pointing us in the right direction.

Decisions and actions based on good evidence will ensure that companies stay on a path to success, getting the best version of their product or system to market at the right time.

Good Evidence Builds Bridges

Normative’s mission is to change how the world thinks about innovation by bridging divides that limit human potential.

How do we bridge this divide? By working together. Even over winning alone.
We believe that collaboration is integral to good innovation. The world needs products designed with integrity, where all stakeholders are focused on creating the best outcome over a quick-fix. Normative’s approach to iterating evidence allows our clients to see signals in the market and focus their company’s next steps. This alignment of goals ensures that we focus on seeking out evidence that informs each step of the process, confident in the knowledge that together we are creating value.

Normative shares ownership in developing the most efficient and informed way to get our clients’ ideas to market. A bridge built hastily is hazardous and full of missteps. An evidence- driven, collaborative process builds a strong, reliable bridge from potential to good innovation.

Good Innovation Creates Trust

Normative is committed to designing for trust. We value being accountable, even over meeting expectations. We raise the bar of innovation consulting by insisting on more; transparency and clear communication.

An evidence-based approach ensures accountability. We collaborate with our clients to collect and examine evidence from the market to create a product that represents the true value it brings to human lives. This focus on honesty over expectations results in creating good innovation and good partnerships.

A key challenge in designing for trust is repairing people’s trust in technology. We believe that safety and security for the user is the bare minimum requirement for technology. Transparency about how customer data is collected and used has become as much a part of brand reputation as producing quality products. Leading brands understand that this trust takes significant time and effort to build, and only a moment to lose. The enduring brands are committed to providing evidence of their core values. Brands that embrace transparency in all interactions create enduring reputations and customer relationships.

Maintaining a healthy business partnership requires trust. Trust between people doing business, and trust between a company and its customers has to be earned and maintained. At Normative, we are as invested as our clients in getting their product into the world, making a positive difference. An evidence-based approach ensures accountability to our clients and the customers they serve.

Good Innovation is Driven by Evidence

Normative’s team of diverse perspectives and expertise share the belief that how you get there is as important as when you get there.

Big investments in innovation require a new way of thinking, a clear plan of action. Corporate executives, boards, and investors provide ongoing capital resources and support to businesses who can provide evidence to validate their vision. Brand reputation and customer relationships thrive when there is a demonstrated commitment to evidence-based trust.

Normative believes that evidence is the core of successful innovation. By creating partnerships focused on collaboration, trust and transparency, we create ‘better’ together.

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Matthew Milan