Your Future Partner, Driven by Curiosity and High‑Performance

“People, ideas, machines - in that order!”
- Colonel John Boyd

Software may be tech, but at its core, it’s made up of people. And people matter above all else, especially when it comes to innovation work.

The Normative team works just like the best software should - a cohesive unit driven by clearly defined goals and processes. But our people each bring their own curiosity, creativity, expertise, and performance to the table. Like great software, our unique experience is our real differentiator

That’s why we’re equipped to help you bring your best opportunities to market, faster.

Exceeding Expectations in the Pursuit of Excellence

Top: Person writing in notebook in front of computer. Middle: Person working at laptop with phone plugged in. Bottom: Two people sitting in front of multiple computers scanning cards with a phone app.

You need the confidence to make decisions about your best innovative ideas. Our team understands that your work needs to convince your colleagues, drive steering committees, pass muster at board meetings, and do it fast.

Your backers need carefully thought-through, proven opportunities to put their trust - and their money - in your hands. Every aspect of our innovation work is driven by this reality, because we think the way that you think.

That’s why our evidence-driven innovation approach is designed to deliver results in under three months, so you’re always in sync with your stakeholders and working with a clear, up to date understanding of your customers.

You understand the balance of risk and reward required to get truly innovative ideas out into the world - and we do too. We’re committed to actively shaping a better world with software, and when we partner with you, we go all the way.

Kickstart the Development of Your Best Software Opportunity

What could you accomplish with our people on your team?

Bring evidence-driven capability to your innovation process by partnering with Normative today.

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