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Art Meets Technology

A painting of a bouquet of flowers
A circuit board

We believe in a world of evidence-driven innovation where truth matters, technology enables trust, and people create value that is accessible to all. Normative is changing how the world thinks about innovation by bridging divides that limit human potential.

Our Principles

01. Bridging Divides

Address the critical gaps between people and technology

Changing how people think of technology is not a specific deliverable of our client projects, but rather an end result of successfully leading clients through the innovation process

The hand of God from Michelangelo's sistine chapel touches a digital hand

02. Designing For Trust

Create products with clear, honorable social contracts

The value of trusted relationships is integrated and reflected in everything we do. Exemplary brands understand this value and ensure their own social contracts are never broken

Circuit board

03. Zero Waste

Respect that time, energy and capital are scarce resources

The start-up world is focused on fast, efficient value creation. Words like ‘lean’, ‘agile’, and ‘viable’ express the speed and focus with which start-up culture delivers value

Multicolour recycling bins

04. Create Great Customers

We empower our customers so they can empower theirs

A great customer is someone who values what you provide. Understanding and enabling the exchange of value between people and companies is what sets leaders apart

Customer paying with their credit card through a mobile payment device

Start generating the evidence you need to achieve product-market fit