Let’s Restore Trust in Technology Together

We believe that our relationship with software has been damaged. It’s hard to trust software today, and that impacts your customers, your business and your brand. You don’t want your next innovation to end up as a cautionary tale. You need to design for trust from the beginning.

Hand of god painting but one hand is replaced with computer pointer hand

Quitting Software is Not an Option

We’ve seen what can happen when you settle for the status status quo and make trust and afterthought.

We think there’s a better path - one where you can use evidence to create software that respects the human social contract and restore humanity’s trust in technology. The time to stand on the sidelines and wait for someone else to fix it is over.

Good For Business AND People

Humans and software are already deeply entwined. That’s why we believe the way forward is to move people and software closer, not further apart - in a way that respects the human social contract.

Is the old way of developing software - that is, without evidence and validation - actually effective in today’s world? Companies have walked this path for the past 60 years. It no longer works.

We think it’s time to think differently about software. It’s time to start with trust.

If you’re ready to think differently too, we’re ready to help.

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