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The words Black Lives Matter in all caps
Social Justice

In Solidarity

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Today and every day, we stand with those who are subject to the hate and violence of systemic racism.

At the core of Normative’s work, we focus on creating equitable social contracts between people and technology. We understand that solidarity with the Black community against racial injustice is paramount to our mission. We must take an active stance against racism by focusing on eliminating bias in our work. Until we all experience the world in the same way, we have work to do.

Some of the ways we are actively working in solidarity include:
- Understanding that this is a journey for many of us to understand privilege, commit to un/learning and taking responsibility, accountability and action in solidarity with Black folks to advance racial justice.
- Uplifting and amplifying voices and experiences in Black communities
- Improving our hiring practices, ways of working and forms of communication to focus on inclusion and allyship.

Normative has made contributions to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and We encourage you to support organizations who are doing the critical work of making change happen today.

Photo of Matthew Milan

Written By:

Matthew Milan